Adaora Chinwe I. Ogunniyi was born in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. With a family heritage in Anambra state, Eastern Nigeria, her childhood experienced extensive travels across the country and she attended schools in Kaduna, Benin and Enugu in the North, South and East respectively.

As a trained Biochemist with other Post-Graduate business certifications, Adaora has over the last couple of years, held corporate career roles in Human Capital Development and Customer Relationship Management.

Her unconventional disposition and proximity to people of diverse backgrounds fuel her love for fiction writing. She writes scripts for informal drama presentations in addition to owning an alarming number of unpublished articles and short stories.

Her travels within Africa and outside the continent afford her an eventful and exciting life. She is drawn to African cultural narratives and how they affect, or are affected by, people in their daily lives. Besides reading, watching movies and, of course, writing, Adaora enjoys swimming and trying out new food recipes.She lives with her family in Lagos, Nigeria