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Waves Aligning (English Edition)

Chinny learned at an early age that with her background and heritage, life does not simply hand you opportunities – especially not when you’re a girl child living in Eastern Nigeria.

With only the meagre resources hewed out of her parents’ low-income jobs, the decision to send either Chinny or her male, unenthusiastic sibling to school is inevitable... and defeating.

The only bright spot in the tempest of her life is her best friend, Ejiofor. With every scrap of courage and conviction, Chinny faces her life’s storms as she encounters disillusionment and tragic losses, ill health and betrayal, and worse still a foreboding unwanted marriage, with each wave crashing her dreams down.

Will she drown in life’s disappointments or can she rise above them to destinations only yet defined in dreams?

Price : ₦ 20000.00